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Every year through our events and memberships, the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni Association raises funds to support numerous charities, causes and events. Over the years the HTCAA has collectively suppported and donated hundreds of thouasands of dollars to various charities. In the past few years the HTCAA has supported:.


Various Hamilton Charities – 12 Tiger-Cat season tickets, CFLAA, CFHOF, McMaster University, Minor Football & Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Hall of Fame Golf Tournament, Hamilton Tiger-Cat Golf Tournament, Wismer Golf Tournament, Tim Horton's Camp Day



Although the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a long history in the City of Hamilton, the idea of forming an Alumni Association was first discussed in the mid 80’s by Len Chandler, Ron Howell, Cam Fraser, Alex Muzyka, Bob Dawson, Jim Stewart and Tom “Red” Hickey. These Tiger-Cat legends got the ball rolling. Shortly after their discussion, a small group, led by Reg Wheeler, a local Alumnus who had a strong political background in the City of Hamilton, along with Alumni Ed Chalupka and Bob Krouse, drafted a Constitution for the newly formed association and on April 16,1986, the first meeting of the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni Association was held.  Approximately 75 former players were in attendance and Len Chandler was elected as the first President.

Fast forward to today. The Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni has over 150 active members and is constantly growing.  Over the past 25 years the Alumni has had a strong commitment in giving back to the community. Our Alumni have volunteered thousands of hours through speaking in classrooms and schools, participating in telethons, attending many charitable events, attending sports banquets, leading the Labour Day food drive, participating in golf tournaments and celebrity dinners, coaching sports and attending games just to name a few. The Alumni leadership has enhanced the success of many of these activities and our Alumni members try to serve as good role models to others, particularly our youth.

As important as Alumni volunteer commitment, is our history of raising money to support various charities and local amateur football. Through our efforts over the past 25 years, the Hamilton Tiger-cat Alumni Association has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. For many years, our Alumni Association has supported the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and we recently celebrated giving over the $100,000 mark to this charity.  Over the years we have actively supported special needs youth and adults through Hamilton Community Living. This year, we purchased and donated 48 Tiger-Cat season tickets so that many of these youth and adults can enjoy the excitement of a game and be included in our community. The Alumni Association supports local Amateur football at every level including McMaster Marauders, Hamilton Hurricanes, Hamilton IronMen, Burlington Braves, Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara Minor Football. As well, the Alumni Association has supported the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football League Alumni Association’s Dire Needs Fund.

In closing, the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni Association is proud of “Giving Back” and of “Making a Difference” in our Community. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the future with your support.

By David Lane, Past President Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni Association|



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Hamilton Tiger-Cats: 15x Grey Cup Champions

Hamilton Tiger-Cats: 15x Grey Cup Champions

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